Talents are at the core of what we do and achieve as a business.

The business of the future is vibrant, universal, seamless and pioneering. It will be ferociously competitive and only the impeccably ground-breaking and only ingenious will rise to the top.

This is why the Optimum Exposures track is the resurgence of originality, invention, creative distinction and innovativeness through exceptional use of superlative talents who are certainly the most considered, most sought after and exceptionally managed and remunerated.


Corporate Strategy and Planning

Corporate Strategy

The ability to make decisions that will project a business forward involves strategic thinking that is reinforced by data insight. Our team uses a methodical approach to sourcing, analyzing and visualizing data. We use this information to discern observable key patterns and inform innovation and design, strategic planning and insight generation.

Do you have well-honed skills in data analytics, visualization and story-telling and a drive for detailed research using best practice methodologies? Are you skilled in drafting business documents?

We’d like to have a chat with you.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development stay relevant and ahead of the constantly evolving market by incorporating retrospection, comprehension and foresight to transform and develop new products and solutions.

As a member of the team, you will take part in carrying out market research, product development, feasibility studies, technical design and specifications, planning pricing model, and project management.

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing Team provides a connection between our Clients and the ground-breaking OOH solutions we provide. By utilizing their broad industry astuteness and understanding of account management and sales approaches, they put in everything required to successfully secure businesses for the company.

Finance and Accounts

Our Finance and Accounts Team implements control, ensures approved projects and operational activities are funded; while making sure the records are kept up-to-date. They also ensure various finance and accounting reports for the business are generated as at when due.

Design and Technical Operations

We have a robust Team for Design and Technical Operations due to the nature of our business. This Team consists of Engineers (Civil, Structural and Electrical/Electronics), Technology Specialists, Content Designers, Bill Posters, and Procurement Officer. This Team ensures our OOH assets (boards) are built and maintained in accordance with various regulatory standards; as well as manage the posting of Clients’ campaigns at various sites.