Digital OOH Platforms

Digital OOH Platforms

Apart from being strategically located, our digital OOH platforms have unique functionalities to address the needs of brands, which include but not limited to, increasing top-of-mind awareness and brand recall, brand value and customer base increase.

Our digital platforms

  • are enabled for remote campaign upload and produces real-time reports of running adverts
  • can pull approved messages directly from websites and Twitter for display on the billboard
  • displays very high image and video resolution in large formats which are appealing to audiences
  • are remotely monitored using cloud monitoring solutions and physical wi-fi cameras installed
  • illuminate the immediate environment and provide added beauty especially at night

Some of our key digital assets include:

The Giraffe

  • Double-faced LED, each with an area of 200sq.m – 10 metres high and 20 metres wide located opposite ‘Oke-Arin’ – the largest retail market in Africa.
  • Provides brands with an opportunity to reach target audiences at their point of decision- making and purchase.
  • Displays large format images and videos of brand messages on LED screens that is the size of 1/3 of a plot of land

The Elephant

  • This is the largest free-standing digital OOH platform in West Africa.
  • It is a single-faced curved LED board with a display area of 600 sq.m – 20 metres high and
    30 metres wide, which is approximately the size of a plot of land!
  • Engages audiences commuting from Lagos Island to Ijora and Costain/mainland.

Imagine your brand’s message on a TV screen that is the size of a plot of land!

The Lion

  • Single-faced curved LED with a total display area of 504 sq.m (height of 12 metres by width of 42 metres) and is located at Ilubirin, Adeniji-Adele in Lagos Island.
  • Engages audiences and vehicular traffic commuting from the Island to the mainland through third mainland bridge.
  • The location and elevation of the board at the eye level of drivers/commuters makes it strategic and very impactful; with premium audience engagement.

The Rhino

  • Double-faced LED, each with an area of 147 sq.m – 7 metres high and 21 metres wide and is located at Ikeja, Lagos en route General Aviation Terminal (GAT), Murtala Muhammed Airport.
  • The platform engages audiences and vehicular traffic going to and coming from the local and international airport (MMA) to Ikeja.
  • This platform delivers a high Return on Investment and communicates brand messages to people returning to Nigeria through Lagos as well as travellers.