Static OOH Platforms

It is an established fact in the OOH industry in Nigeria that Optimum Exposures has the best strategic sites across the country.

Our strategic static sites consists of Unipoles, Mega boards, Wall drapes, Portraits, Gantries, Eye catchers, Bridge panels, 48-sheets, etc. spread across various cities in Nigeria (refer to ‘Our Regional Spread’ page for details on platform types).


Most of our unipole platforms have standard measurement of 6 metres (height) and 18 metres (width) per display face for campaigns.

We have hundreds of unipole platforms delivering audiences and delighting customers across key cities in Nigeria.

Some of our sites in Nigeria are as shown below:

Mega Boards

Our mega platforms have display areas of 147 sq.m (7 metres high and 21 metres wide) and are mostly located within Lagos and Abuja.
Some of our mega boards in Nigeria are as shown below:

Wall Drapes

Wall drapes provide an opportunity to engage audiences within city areas without cluttering the immediate environment. Our wall drapes provide massive display areas for brand campaigns or posters which are impactful and easily seen due to their large sizes.

We are expanding our wall drapes pan-Nigeria to meet the needs of our discerning clients. Some of our wall drapes are as follows:


Portraits, as the name implies, are static platforms with portrait placement. Most of our portrait platforms have total display areas of 64 sq.m (8 metres high and 8 metres wide) and are useful for targeting various classes of audiences in different locations.

Some of our portrait platforms are as shown below:

Eye Catchers

Eye catchers provide a unique opportunity of targeting commuters and vehicular traffic on specific lane of a road. Our eye catchers are located on busy roads in major Cities and capture the attention of target audiences.

Some of our eye catchers are as shown below:

Bridge Panels

We are professionals in utilizing pedestrian bridge panels for communicating brand messages and also leveraging on this platform to beautify the immediate environment.

A few of our bridge panel platforms are depicted in the photos below:


48-sheets belong to the first group of platforms used for OOH advertising in Nigeria. They are still relevant in billboard advertising space in Nigeria today as they help reach target audiences in a number of underserved areas in Nigeria and deliver appreciable returns on investment.

Although, most 48-sheets are being phased-out and being replaced with modern platforms, some top brands still request for them to reach their customers in small villages and towns.

Some of our key 48-sheets include: